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Check it Out Whose Rig are you quiz!!!


I got SRV!!!

Interesting! Bono & The Edge Join the Fender Board Of Directors


Check out the article below, What do you think?

Episode 26- The Compulsions & Amplified


Have you ever played a guitar you can’t get out of your head?

Here’s GRS Host Mark Daven with the new Gibson Billy Gibbons Signature model. Chambered body, neck and headstock. Pearly Gates pickups. “I could not believe the feel and sound of this instrument!” Daven played the $9000 guitar through a Friedman 20 watt piggy back amp and would stop talking about it all weekend long. Just buy the damn thing already! Will ya Mark!

-Earl Grissom

Re-Cap: Dallas Guitar Fest


GRS Host Mark Daven and Texas Bluesman Wes Jeans send you greetings from Dallas TX-

Wes Jammed with Lance Lopez on Saturday of the show and had his own Blistering set on Sunday morning!


Farewell Hamer Guitars


While our new website was being set up we saw the passing of another great American Guitar Company. Hamer Guitars shipped it’s final order and oddly enough the last build they did was and almost exact replica of the very first model they made, a Hamer Standard (Explorer shape) I’m Happy to say I was a Hamer owner from pretty early on having owned several Specials, Vectors, from the early 80’s and several Custom made versions in the late 80’s. All were made with impeccable care and detail.

When you play a Hamer guitar you dont feel nearly as guilty for spending the money you did as some other makers but the company in an effort to appeal to a more specific buyer began to price their guitars to a place most could only dream of. Still great guitars but i think this, plus the flood of so many other brands began to wear away at the market share and Hamer became less solvent as a company. I was so honored to tour the factory several times to watch a small number of incredible craftsmen bring wire and wood to life over and over again.

Even though we’ve lost a truly amazing American innovation, at least we can watch this guy play’em.

This Week: A Re-cap of the Dallas Guitar Fest!


This week along with guitar news were gonna take a not so far trip down memory lane and the Dallas Guitar Fest. we’ll have sights and sounds and of course some of the tastiest Guitar Porn you can stand! Don’t look away…here it comes!

Rumor Has It!!!!


Reverend Willie G. has been doing some recording in Austin Tx with long time friend and founder of the Fabulous Thunderbirds Jimmie Vaughn. While we wait for details here’s a shot of the good Reverend laying down the low end grove some where in ATX.

Aw Yeah!


Redd Volkaert at The Dallas Guitar Festival- Amazing

The one and only Mr Volkaert schooled every style guitarist in the audience. Looking around you could see jaws dropping as Redd moved through the set with a relaxed feel that is unequaled by most. Smooth is an understatement!


GRS at The Dallas Guitar Festival!!!


Had an amazing weekend at the 36th Annual Dallas Guitar Festival, one of our favorite events of the year. The organizers take great care in creating an event that satisfies all kinds of Guitar Lovers, Collectors of fine vintage instruments and gear junkies as well as staging excellent performances and clinics from a wide array of different styles of music and instrumentation.

This year the festival returned to Fair Park (Home of the Cotton Bowl and the Dallas State Fair of Texas). This sprawling location was an excellent backdrop for the show, with it’s ornate statues and art deco buildings.

We cruised from building to building to see one beautiful guitar or amp after another, in between seeing bands on three stages.

Entertainers included: George Lynch, Derek St. Holmes, Redd Volkert, The Stratoblasters, Gary Hoey and many more. Some of the gear companies in attendance where: Magnatone Amplification, Boss, Seymour Duncan Custom Shop and Marshall Amps as well as dozens of fine vintage dealers and upstart companies pushing the envelope of design and creativity.

We will have a lot more Comments, Pics and Videos posting right here at GRS!!!