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Episode 28- Autonomy Guitars!!! It’s Time to DIY!!!


Oren Levy from Autonomy Guitars joins us for a discussion on building your own guitar with their fantastic design software and online instruction for everything to bring your dream guitar to life!


Episode- 27 Adrian Galysh- His Latest Release “Tone Poet” and Much More!


Wait until you hear this guy!!!!

GRS at The X Games!!


We were Stoked! (Yes I said it) to be at the X Games Austin for the unveiling of the official X Games Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul. These were given to the winners of events at the X Games. The neck is between a 50’s/60’s profile it has a single slab mahogany body and neck and a rosewood fretboard. The pickups are called P-90 Slug pickups and can only be found on these guitars. Street price? $499. Played and sounded great.