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Episode 35- Slow Motion Rider


Episode 34-


Forget what you know about finding the gear you crave online! Reverb will blow you away with insightful tips, blogs, videos and so much more to not only help you get your gear, but to educate you too.

Plus great music from- The Muggs, Slow Motion Rider and Grant Stinnett



5 Years on his presence is still felt…


I can’t believe its been 5 years since the passing of ¬†arguably the most important individual to the electric guitar and popular music. Les Paul.

Five years on whether most people realize it his presence is still felt in every sound we make and listen to. Thank You Les, we miss you.

Mark Daven

Episode 33- Cameron Allen

When you Hear Cameron Allen play it makes you want to practice. He has such an inspirational approach and a tone that melts in your brain. Cameron joins us to discuss his musical journey and fill us in on what’s next as well as sharing his gear secrets.

We also have music from Grant Stinnet, Travis Bowman and Slow Motion Rider.

Aw Yeah!

Killer B Guitars Coming to Guitar Radio Show!


We have spent the last month test driving an amazing guitar. This is the Scotty Austin Custom Killer B Guitar –¬†¬† We will be having Guitar Creator Kevin Butts on Guitar Radio Show in the near future for an in depth interview about the benefits of Memphis Pine and how it can change your tone to the bone.


Well It’s About Time!


At The Dallas Guitar Fest in April we were asked to keep a secret. Something we’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Boss is re-releasing three of some very special stomp boxes, But the one we’re most excited about is the return of the DM-2 (now called the DM-2w) Analog Delay.

The original 80’s versions sell for up to $400 on ebay and at Guitar Shows (if you even see them). So when we were asked to keep quiet about it we spent the time chomping at the bit waiting to share, but most of all to get our grubby paws on one or more. We will be doing a Shoot out with the new version and the 80’s version on an upcoming episode of GRS, but in the mean time check out this video from BOSS.