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Scott Gailor- Technicolor Monochrome!!!


When passion runs deep in a musician, it’s usually noticeable in the first few notes they play. It strikes you immediately. It’s an undeniable vibe, feeling, mojo (call it what you want) that makes you say “More of that please”.

Such as the case with the new release from Scott Gailor.

Technicolor Monochrome is a trip into a passionate guitarists mind as he leads us on a sonic twisting turning adventure of style with a new level of precision and grace not seen in awhile.

From the jaw busting opening track “G Body Shuffle” to the modal woodshedding of the closer “Tribal Redux” this is the disc in 2015 that’s gonna make you want to practice. A lot.

Is Scott Gailor doing what many other guitarists do? Sure, but his passion is the stand out on this ten song, fat toned, heart filled, technical gonzo. You can hear it in every note weaving in and out of varied styles with class and ease. Let’s face it, we all wanna play like this guy.
The stand out track for me is “No Smoking Section”. Just the opening chords, especially the ones coming through the middle speakers is subliminally telling me to “Break Some Furniture!!”
Rock and Roll People!!! Scott Gailor is preaching the word and its time to listen.

Technicolor Monochrome should be in your collection and thanks to Scott we all need to practice more. Scott is trying to have physical copies for the release of the album, so he has started a Kick Starter to fund that part of the project, check it out:

Mark Daven
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