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Episode 67- Leona X


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Leona X- This Wednesday on


Hear our interview with Leona X this Wednesday on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, PlayerFM, and PodBay. But first check out Leona’s Latest single “Ready For This”

Guitar Radio Show Review- ScreaminFX “Uverbia”- Reverb Machine


Amazing technology that meets old school and new school and all with a 9 volt battery.

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Guitar Radio Show Review- Cleveland 40112 Combo Amp


Check out the extreme amplification from Cleveland Amps-

Guitar Radio Show Review- Wang VT-5 Combo Amp


Check out this Little Devil that wants to go home with you…

Episode 66- Julian Sas- True Blues from the Netherlands/ Travis Bowman- Superhero


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Episode 65- All Things Heavy Featuring- MAXX12


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Episode 64- Carl Bradychok


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Episode 63- 108 Rock Star Guitars- Lisa S. Johnson Returns!


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