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Guitar Radio Show- 38th Dallas International Guitar Festival


…And so it begins, the 38th Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival. The wild, the weird and the wonderful of wire and wood. Day one included lots of great gear and performances.







Episode 71- Scott Henderson- Vibe Station


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Scott Henderson Coming to Guitar Radio Show!!!


We have just finished an amazing interview with the great Scott Henderson to discuss his latest release “Vibe Station” we will keep you posted on the when it will air. But, in the meantime, check out some of Scott doing his thing!!!

Episode 70- Ninio Z- Electronic Gypsy


Jimmie Vaughan- Bringing the Blues in ATX


Up close and personal with the great JLV and the Mike Flanagan Trio at C-boys Heart and Soul in Austin Texas on 5/15/15. Aw yeah…

BB King Passes- The Thrill is Truly Gone



“See the Voodoo Chile, holdin out his hand, I’ve been waiting on you brother, welcome to the band”

Thank you BB for all of your gifts, as there were many this just being one.

Mr. Clapton speaks on BB’s passing-

Episode 69- The MUGGS- Straight Up Boogaloo Will Save Rock & Roll


Hey, someone’s gotta save Rock & Roll, why not Detroit’s own, The MUGGS!!!!!

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Here’s another track from Straight up Boogaloo-

Episode 68- Wo Fat


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ZZ Top & Jeff Beck- We Are Still Recovering!!

ZZ Jeffy

We at Guitar Radio Show are still reeling after the fantastic tone slathered, riff laden guitar fest the one and only Jeff Beck and the amazing ZZ Top brought to the Cedar Park Center last week here in Austin TX. If you can, we highly recommend you see this tour. It’s nothing less than inspirational! Here’s some video from the show and a link to tour dates. Go Get Some Ya’ll!

Check out the tour!!!

Wo Fat- Redefines Heavy This Wednesday On Guitar Radio Show


This Wednesday we visit with Kent Stump, guitarist for the Dallas TX Power Trio Wo Fat. Check out this video shot during the recording of their latest disc “Live Ju Ju- Wo Fat At Freak Valley”. Only the strong will survive!

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