About the Show

Mark Daven, host of GRSRockin’ your earbuds since 2012!

Dedicated to all things GUITAR, the Guitarist/Guitar builder/Gear maker and seller of great guitars that you don’t know about but should!

The Guitar Radio Show’s concept goes back to 2007, originally proposed to Sirius Radio just as Sirius was merging with XM.  It was originally proposed as a 24 hour a day channel called “The Instrument” that played guitar music, had gear talk shows and live feeds from every major guitar oriented event around the world. But the state of flux the company was going through and the state of the economy prohibited that partnership.

Creator Mark Daven decided to put the idea down for awhile until planning his move to Austin TX, where he saw a new opportunity in the pod casting world. As a lifelong musician, Mark experienced his own challenges through his career and like any player always looked for an opportunity to have his music played, which is why he created the Guitar Radio Show. “With the music industry in it’s current state of stagnation and guitarist’s not getting their due we feel there’s a lot of amazing players out there and were here to let the world about them”.

How to listen to the show

Guitar Radio Show is available everywhere you might expect a podcast to be found. We are on iTunes, Sticher, and if you want to be old school, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed!