Episode 193- Top 20 Albums of 2017


Here’s our Top 20 Albums for 2017. The records we just couldn’t stop listening to throughout the year…

20. Steve Hunter- Before the Lights go out-

Hear our interview with Steve right here http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-158-steve-hunter-alice-cooper-lou-reed-peter-gabriel-aerosmith-plus-more/ And look for our Track By Tack episode of “Before the Lights go out” coming in 2018

19. JD McPherson- Undivided Heart & Soul

18. Ray Wylie Hubbard- Tell The Devil, I’m getting there as fast as I can

17. Ian Moore- Strange Days

Check out our interview with Ian right here- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-170-ian-moore-strange-days/

16. Band Of Heathens- Duende

15. Ralph Towner- My Foolish Heart

14. Indigenous- Gray Skies

Look for our track by track episode of Gray Skies in 2018. In the meantime here’s more on Mato Nanji from Indigenous- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-86-mato-nanji-from-indigenous/

13. Jeff Beck- Live at the Hollywood Bowl

12. Larkin Poe- Peach

11. Milligan-Vaughan Project

Check out our interview with Tyrone right here- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-176-tyrone-vaughan/

10. Nikki Lane- Highway Queen

9. OTIS- Eyes of the Sun

Check out our interview with OTIS- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-192-otis-the-band/

8. Johnny Hiland- Standing Strong

Here’s out Track by Track interview with Johnny Hiland- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-184-johnny-hiland-standing-strong-track-by-track/

7- Foo Fighters- Concrete & Gold

6. Jonny Lang- Signs

Here’s our exclusive interview with Jonny Lang on “Signs”- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-189-jonny-lang-signs/

5. Alastair Greene- Dream Train

Here’s our Track by Track interview on “Dream Train”- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-190-alastair-greene-ridin-the-dream-train/

4. Cheap Trick- We’re Alright

3. Eric Johnson- Collage

Here’s our exclusive interview with EJ on “Collage” & more- http://guitarradioshow.com/episode-191-eric-johnson-celebrating-the-past-and-facing-the-future-with-an-open-heart/

2. Jimmie Vaughan Trio (Featuring Mike Flanigin) Live at C-boys

1. Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives- Way Out West-

These days it’s rare when an entire album can transport you to a place or time, create strong visuals that are memorable and lasting. This is a record for headphones and to listen to the wonderful layering from Kenny Vaughn and Mr. Stuart. This is one of those records that you wished were longer, because you dont want the journey to end. So, we just keep playing it over and over. Now if country music isn’t for you, I invite you to give it a try anyway and take a moment to consider, this is not the canned country music coming out today, this is a true love letter to American music that will enrich your ear, soul and inspire your playing.


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