Guitarists on YouTube you should know- 500 Words with Adam P Hunt

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500 Words Guitarists on YouTube You Should Know

Love it or hate it but YouTube has become a very big way to get noticed as a player. There’s a good number of players that have been able to either leverage their video presence to something resembling a musical career.

Let’s take a look.

Bob Margolin: Bob is one of the last sidemen to record and tour with Muddy Waters. If that wasn’t enough Margolin can also be spotted playing in the Martin Scorcese film “Last Waltz”. Margolin still records and tours and numerous “how to” videos of his tips and techniques have been released on YouTube throughout the years. If you have any interest in electric blues check out Margolin’s website.

Greg Koch: Koch is perhaps best known for his work as a clinician for Fender and numerous product demonstration videos for Wildwood Guitars.

Rob “Chappers” Chapman: Clinician, gear demo guy, sessions musician, front person for his own band, Dorge, and entrepreneur Rob Chapman seems to be everywhere. “Chappers” has literally hundreds of videos that range from product demonstrations to travelogues to lesson plans and general goofing around. “Chappers” also has his own line of guitars called Chapman Guitars. Check out

Scott Grove: Grove is a controversial choice I know. Some people just hate him and that’s okay but if you ever want to hear what some of the more unusual guitars that have been made chances are he as a video of him playing it… that is if you can get past all the talky bits. Check out

Pete Thorn: Peter Thorn has been a sideman to the stars with stints with Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks and Warren Zevon to name a few. Thorn also has numerous high quality demo videos on YouTube showing off top end gear and he also has an extensive list of lesson plans on his website. Check out

Gregor Hilden: If you ever want to see some high quality demonstration videos of high-end guitars Gregor Hilden of Greg’s Guitars is your guy. He doesn’t talk, he uses a teddy bear as a mic stand, and he uses exactly the same delay pedal and OD pedal through the same amp with every demo so a viewer can get a very good side-by-side comparison of a lot of different gear. It also doesn’t hurt he’s got some very tasty chops so he’s a pleasure to listen to. Check out

Lance Keltner: Ever want a glimpse into the “unobtanium” market? Lance has probably made a video with it. Like Thorn and Chapman, Keltner has also acted as a sideman and a session guy so he’s got some impressive chops.

Glen Kuykendall: Speaking about “unobtanium” nothing says “unobtanium” like a ’59 Les Paul and a Ken Fischer made Trainwrek amp. But owning some impressive gear doesn’t make you a standout player, playing on the popular “O Brother Where Art Thou?” soundtrack and cutting some tracks with both Eric Clapton and Gregg Allman does. Check out

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